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Health Is Not A Miracle

In today’s time the question has become more frequent and the associated frustration is multiplied many times.

The Govt., doctors, and many other organizations are engaged in prevention of many preventable diseases. Awareness programs are aplenty and targeted to people of all age groups and social status. Still, the number of diseased people is increasing day by day, forcing mushrooming of hospitals and clinics. Still, most don’t feel healthy. Where do we lack?

As a society, we have ignored the definition of health in mass consciousness. We take health for granted. What we learn is how not to fall sick. As humans, we don’t understand the big gap between the intentions of ‘not to fall sick’ and ‘be healthy’. In this gap we may have the feelings of

        1.       Feeling sick

        2.       Feeling like I will be sick

        3.       Not feeling sick, but not feeling healthy

        4.       Not feeling healthy

        5.       Health is okay, but not feeling active mentally

        6.       Feeling active but not feeling healthy physically

        7.       Feeling normal

        8.       Feeling healthy and active both physically and mentally

If we care to observe around us, we can gauge that most people are in the first four or five stages most of the time. Very few are seen in the 6th or 7th stage. Rarely someone is seen in 8th stage.

Now to find the reason, the search starts from the understanding of health, which in turn starts from the definition of health. According to WHO, health is defined as following ---

"State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

How many of us know it by our heart and practice it daily? Even in today’s era of social media, when information is only a click away, we still want to indulge in our whims and fancies, instead of concentrating on the efforts to remain hearty and healthy! After a diagnosis of diabetes, people ask ‘can I take beer? Which brand of beer is good for diabetes?’ ‘I have high BP. Can I take samosas fried in refined oil instead of ghee?’ A patient with severe problem of stomach was more worried about ‘When can I eat maggiagain?’ instead of ‘when will I feel better?’

We need to realise that health cannot be bought by paying the fees to the doctor or by expensive investigations. Health cannot be secured by medicines or popping vitamin pills every day. Once we become sick, we can’t regain our health in a miracle. We have to go through pain of injections and bitter pills, may be immobility also, even if for some time.

Time has come to realise that health is fruit of continuous hard work to keep ourselves balanced in our life. Health is the product of our continuous effort to make ourselves aware about the effect of diet, sleep, exercise, and healthy entertainment with family and friends. Health is the product of self-control by avoiding addiction to food, alcohol or other abusive substances, work and sex. Health is the effect of continuous education about lifestyle, awareness about prevention, self-control from excess of anything, and conscious choice to choose in moderation.

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